Here you can view a video documentation of MINEPS V.

Presentations Expert Forum, 28th May 2013

Presentations Opening Sessions and Commissions, 29-30 May 2013

MINEPS V - Speech by Federal Chancellor Merkel

MINEPS V - Declaration of Berlin

Side events following the conference

Film "GOLD - You can do more thank you think"
Here you can download the press release of the German premiere of the film.
Here you can view the trailer.
Here you can find information on the film abroad.

Special offer: Discounted travel with Lufthansa
As an airline partner, Lufthansa offers special prices for participants.

Information meeting on MINEPS 2013
at UNESCO on 31 January 2013

World Conference of Sport Ministers
 Here you can download the conference program.

Poster exhibition

During the conference, there is an opportunity for researchers, national sport ministries and practitioners to present their work in a poster exhibition. Fitting to one of the three conference themes, there will be space for 30 exhibitors. The display will be positioned in front of the plenary room and will open for viewing and questions on May 29 and 30.

In this way participants, NGOs and experts not having the opportunity to speak during the main conference program, will have the chance to display their working in this unique forum.

The three conference themes are: access to sport as a fundamental right for all; Promoting investment in physical education and sport programmes; preserving the integrity of sport. Examples of good practice, scientific work as well as projects on these topics will be welcomed.

Interested exhibitors are requested to submit an abstract for their poster concept by April 19, 2013 to The abstract should be a maximum of 200 words and upon review by the conference organizer, selected exhibitors will be asked to finalize their posters using the guidelines below.

Guidelines for poster exhibition