Here you can view a video documentation of MINEPS V.

Presentations Expert Forum, 28th May 2013

Presentations Opening Sessions and Commissions, 29-30 May 2013

MINEPS V - Speech by Federal Chancellor Merkel

MINEPS V - Declaration of Berlin

Side events following the conference

Film "GOLD - You can do more thank you think"
Here you can download the press release of the German premiere of the film.
Here you can view the trailer.
Here you can find information on the film abroad.

Special offer: Discounted travel with Lufthansa
As an airline partner, Lufthansa offers special prices for participants.

Information meeting on MINEPS 2013
at UNESCO on 31 January 2013

World Conference of Sport Ministers
 Here you can download the conference program.


Mr Karl-Heinz Schneider
Head of Division SP 2 - EU and international sport matters,
Head of the MINEPS Project Group
Federal Ministry of the Interior
T: +49 228 99 681 3187

Mr Alexander Schischlik
Team Leader for Anti-Doping and Sport
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
T: +33 1 45 68 43 87
E: A.Schischlik(at)

Mr Detlef Dumon
Executive Director
International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education (ICSSPE)
T: +49 30 311 02 32 10
E: ddumon(at)