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Präsentationen Expert Forum, 28. Mai 2013

Präsentationen Eröffnung und Commissions, 29.-30. Mai 2013

MINEPS V - Rede von Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel

MINEPS V - Berliner Erklärung

Rahmenprogramm nach Abschluss der Konferenz

Film "GOLD - Du kannst mehr als du denkst"
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Lufthansa Sondertarife
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Informationsveranstaltung zu MINEPS V 2013
am 31. Januar 2013 in der UNESCO

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1)      Is there any participation of the observer at the event?

The chief participants at the Conference are Ministers and other delegates representing the governments of UNESCO’s Member States. All other participants are observers who may attend the Expert forum and the Conference sessions and intervene in debates. However observers have no right to vote nor to propose amendments to outcome document of the Conference.

2)      When are observers expected to join the conference?

Observers are welcome to attend the Expert Forum on 28th of May and/or the Conference as of its opening on 29th May, providing that they have registered online.

3)       Can observers join the expert forum on the 28th of May 2013 as well?

Yes, observers are welcome to attend the Expert Forum, providing that they have registered online.

4)      How can I participate in the poster exhibition?

All participants of MINEPS V were invited to participate in a poster exhibition. The deadline to submit the abstract for the poster exhibition passed on April 19th 2013. In case you have submitted an abstract or have any further questions, please contact PGMINEPS(at)bmi.bund.de

5)      Can you send me a personalized invitation letter for visa application?

If you need a personal letter to apply for visa, we kindly ask you to fill in the required data (e.g. passport number, expected date of entry, etc.) upon online registration. If you have already registered and have not filled in the necessary fields, you can reenter your account at any time using your login (email address) and the password you chose. You will receive a personal confirmation of invitation letter via email once you have filled in the necessary fields. The organizers are working together with the Federal Foreign Office in order to facilitate the visa application process for MINEPS participants. Therefore, the embassies are being informed about MINEPS V as well as the personalized electronic letter. In case you apply for your visa directly at the embassy and have requested above mentioned letter, this electronic letter will suffice. However, in case you are applying for a visa with the help of a third party institute, the Federal Foreign Office cannot guarantee the sufficiency of this electronic confirmation letter.

6)      Is accommodation provided by the host?

The host is not responsible for travel or accommodation expenses. Participants must book their own room and cover their own cost. However, the host has reserved a block of rooms at the conference venue as well as at other hotels. Further information can be found here. Kindly note, that the host is not able to provide transportation between the other hotels to the conference venue.

7)      Do participants need to book their hotel room at the conference venue or at the hotels suggested by the host?

Participants are free to choose their own accommodation and not bound to the hotels suggested by the host.

8) How do I get to the conference venue?